A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

A Death Note

Death. Who would be prepared for death? Who could be prepared for the pain, the void, and the questions that it would leave behind?

Being confronted with death makes one look at her own life and reflect: what legacy will I leave behind? With the life that I’m living now, how would people remember me? Would I want to continue living like this for the rest of my life? Truly, our life on earth is just a loan from our Creator. We are like flowers who are here today and gone tomorrow. We don’t know when our life will wither and die. But we can do something about this life that we are given.

Ultimately, I believe, that a fully surrendered life to our Creator will be the most purposeful life. A life that is offered as a living sacrifice will not only leave a legacy here on earth, but will have eternal rewards as well.

In this deep sorrow, there is joy. Yes, I grieve for the loss that I am experiencing, including the future could-be’s if she did not pass away. But I am learning to sing praises and be thankful for waking up everyday, having another chance to please my Master.

To those who are reading this, you may not understand. You may think that I am merely ranting. So be it. Maybe I am. One thing’s for sure: I am made for a purpose and my heart has its dreams and desires. My prayer is just that I may be completely focused on my Lord and only God, to offer my life to Him, and sing Him praises no matter what my circumstances are.


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