A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

Pay Attention

How many times have we missed something because we’re not paying attention?


I currently have two phones. One, my Sun, which I regularly use, and two, my mom’s globe, which I only load credits to when my Sun phone’s redirected. Because I rarely use the globe, only a few people knew about that number. And since I left this certain organization, my phones have been less active.


My usual “texters” in my globe phone are GLOBE (8888), and Avon Community (well, my mom got the sim from Avon). And so, when one of these two send a message, I usually just hit the read button and then flip the phone close. I don’t even read the message. Sometimes, if I have the time to spare, I delete them right away, so as not to clutter my inbox. Very seldom do I take the time and care to read what they’ve got to say. They’re just promotions anyway.


In one of those occasions when I actually read a message from 8888, my eyebrows met. “Free SULITXT expired?” I asked myself. I remembered I received another message from 8888 the day before, and I haven’t deleted it yet. It’s one of those messages I didn’t bother to read nor pay the slightest attention to. Turned out, it was a notification of me having five (5) free texts because I loaded credits during a certain period they specified. It must be consumed in a day. So, because I didn’t pay attention, I missed the opportunity of using these free texts.


By this time, let me ask the question I previously asked, but let me make it more specific. How many times have we missed seeing God’s blessings just because we’re too busy to even care and pay attention?



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