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Being Involved

Over the past years, I have seen how God works in my family. His hand is definitely at work at each our individual lives, and so, our relationship as a family has also improved. But then, it’s far from perfect. And so, one of the things that I have been praying for all of us is that we become more involved with each other’s lives.

In the past, we have been absorbed only on our own lives. I remember my lola asking me how my brother, sister and mom were, and I would tell her, “I don’t know.” Nobody knows what’s the other doing. It’s as if we were strangers living in one roof. I would admit that in the past, I have involved myself with a lot of activities in school and in an organization because it takes me away from the place I hated most–our house. Apparently, my two older siblings feel the same way too.

With God’s grace, we have been more of a family than before. As I mentioned, one of the things I am praying for in our family is that we be involved with each other’s lives. That I, will make the effort to involve them in what’s happening with me, and I take the initiative to be part of theirs too.  In my prayers, although I try to avoid it, I began forming a picture of how this will happen. But of course, God knows best.

For the past couple of months, I have been given opportunities which needed me to evaluate my priorities to make the right choice. In talks, seminars, and retreats that I attend, choosing according to a set of right priorities would always be included. And so, God being my teacher, tests me if I can apply what I have been hearing and learning.

It is true that being involved with someone else’s life is a lot of hard work. It is not easy, and a lot of sacrifices has to be made. I have experienced this over the past seven years, but maybe the relationships haven’t been that deeply involved. It was a different kind of “hard” because I really want to get involved in their lives–to encourage, guide, and to just be there. It is a different story when you’re being involved with people whose lives are deeply intertwined with yours.

It is a different “hard” to be involved with the lives of family members. It was a painful experience for me, most especially because I was made to sacrifice something I value as well, and something that I’d rather do than what is asked of me. Being involved means making myself more vulnerable to a wave of different emotions and then pray hard that I won’t get taken over by these, especially the negative ones. It means patience when being made to wait, understanding when differences are coming out, forgiveness when wronged, humility to admit being wrong, showing kindness with a servant heart. Being involved means more than sharing stories of what happened with each other’s life; rather, being involved means sharing moments that make up the stories of our lives.


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