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understanding reconstructions in life

Five BIG Messages in B1G5: Introduction

“You know, you have the gift of listening! Even if you’re not saying anything, and you’re just listening, I’m already encouraged!”

First night of CCF’s B1G Single’s Retreat, someone shared to me her discouragement, and before finishing her story, she affirmed my gift of listening. Thinking about what she said, I recounted an experience when I was in third year HS. One of my teachers told me I was her angel because whenever she would feel discouraged in class because of my rude classmates, when she looked at me, she would already feel encouraged. At first I only considered listening as a skill I have, or at least I’m more of the listener than the speaker, especially in group fellowships. This also explains why I really get hurt when people (especially those close to my heart) don’t listen when I share something. It explains a lot.

So then, I can only say “Praise God!” for He is the Giver. On the other hand, I was praying hard, “Lord, You’ve given me the gift of listening so I can listen to people and give encouragement even without the use of words. But how come I have trouble hearing You, listening to You?” I asked God to please allow me to listen to the Giver of the gift–Himself–so I would know what His will for me is. His affirmation came through Matthew 11:27, “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”

Indeed, during the whole weekend, God revealed Himself to me and told me powerful messages. These messages will be posted here in a series I will call “Five BIG Messages in B1G5”, so as not to intimidate people of its length. I am blessed the whole weekend, I am blessed with these messages, and allow me to share these B1G messages to you, for He also commanded me to share these things in whatever means possible during the last day.


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