A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

BIG Message Bonus: Tuesday Blessing Overflow

The Lord really blessed my this morning! Three points were given during the Dawn Watch regarding experiencing God in prayer. These are: 1. He directs and guides; 2. He confirms, and He confirms amidst opposition, and even through opposition; and 3. He builds.

Since He took off my cloak of objectivity and finally agreed with Him on the source of my troubles the past year, my quest have gone on a higher level. It truly has become “faith seeking understanding.” And so, I was burdened to explore and analyze the context of Paul’s writing in Philippians 2:12. When I did, I wondered whether the UP library has resources that could help me. So, when I went to the main library to return the books I borrowed, I searched OPAC for “Bible commentary,” I found three entries, two of which was in the General References section. I just put in mind “BS 491” and when I went in search for “BS,” lo and behold! There’s a vast collection of books about Christianity and the Bible. I remembered that I spent my time there before, but reading the Catholic directory of Parishes. Indeed, my God directs me, and I believe that He will guide me in reading those texts. I cannot read them in the course of the semester! So I will need guidance on how to go about it, as well as guidance in digesting the information I will be getting.

Secondly, He confirms. He confirmed my decision of letting go Psychology 199. He reminded me that it’s not about me chickening out, or my lack of abilities, or priorities. But it’s always about Him and His plan for me. Researching, or generating new knowledge won’t allow me to know Him more, but studying what He has already revealed would. I know the answer to my number one research problem, and very little would be gained by that. He confirmed this decision even though everyone (except one) says otherwise. He used my failure and extended stay in the university to tap in its resources to know Him more, and thus satisfy my apetite for His Word. He confirms indeed.

I believe He builds me, He will build me through these discovered resources. I believe He is faithful in finishing the work He has started in me–He will build me up.

On the other hand, He still reminded me to take one day at a time, one step at a time. He will give me the graces that I will be needing in understanding what His is going to reveal to me.

To God be all the praise and glory, forever and ever!


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