A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

BIG Message 2: A Life of Great Abundance

On Saturday morning, we had Dawn Watch. It is an hour of prayer, with a short praise and worship, then followed by a short devotional message, and then we break out into individual prayers. The 1,030+ participants were divided into five and we had our dawn watch simultaneously at five different locations.

As this was early in the morning and I expect to come back to our cabin before the session starts, I only brought with me a few things: my Bible, B1G notebook, pen, and camera. The message was about Peter’s call recounted in Luke 5:1-11. As I started to take down notes, my pen started to run dry! I do not want to ask for an extra pen to my groupmates because I want them to listen to the message, I do not want to be the one disturbing them. I tried writing on it, and saw that even if there was no ink, in a certain angle, I can see the inscription made by the pointed tip of my pen. So, I told myself, I would just continue writing even if I could not see anything written since I can always trace it later on because I have a refill ink with me back at the cabin.

I listened and took down notes. As the speaker reached verse 6, saying how frustrated and tired Peter and his group were, Jesus came. And when He intervened, they obeyed Him and had a great catch, a promise of abundant life made my Jesus. As I was writing the letter “e” in the word “great,” my pen started writing with ink again! I was so amazed and God spoke to me:

You are like you pen, Karla. When you think that you can no longer be useful, kung akala mo nasaid ka na, just hold on and continue trusting that the notes will appear. Keep on persevering in the work that I have given you for I am telling you this, I will be the one to give you strength. Just continue trusting Me and you will see and experience great abundance in your life.”


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