A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

Loosing and Gaining

Mmmm… Ate will fetch me later in CCF. She agreed this morning. Okay. Things to buy: gloves. Two pairs? No. I have to save. I’ll buy only a pair. Besides, my classmate borrowed a spare pair that I had last week. She said she’d give me a new pair. I hope she still hadn’t forgotten about it. Hmm… What else? Ah, I’m craving for quail eggs and siomai. I’ll buy an order each later, besides, I haven’t eaten since I left home at noon. … I wonder how many people go up to the station itself just to avoid the narrow, stinky, and ewwy pedestrian sidewalk downstairs? … Is it still raining? Ah, just a drizzle. Hmm.. A lot of people do choose to go up the MRT this side. I wonder whether or not they are discouraged of this very high plight of stairs. If I’m not mistaken, it has more than 60 steps. … Oh, that looks like a new bus. There aren’t too many people today, unlike the previous weeks… Several exams are coming up! I need to study more…

“Miss, miss! Talaga bang nakabukas yung bag mo?” It was a lady in red. I looked at my backpack and saw that the front pocket’s zipper was indeed open. Did I leave it open again like I once did? I saw my phone, then looked up to the Miss. She was walking ahead of me now. Besides, I was nowhere to be found immobile, I was crossing a road. I tried to say thank you, but she couldn’t hear me and the moment I tried to speak up, my heart fell…

O-oh.. My purse is missing. There is a hundred and fifty there, plus some coins.. Oh no. My keys! What keys are there? The key to my room (I should’ve followed what my inside was saying a month before–duplicate it! Anyway, I can enter through my window…), my drawer keys (thankfully nothing’s locked), my locker key (oh no! I should’ve remembered to give a spare key to the student council). My heart sank even lower. I was walking slower than normal. So, there’s no gloves, quail eggs and siomai for me tonight after all…

As I crossed the street from Megamall to St. Francis Square, I found myself praying–thanking God that I didn’t have more money in that purse, that ways to get around the consequences of lost keys are available to me, and most of all, that my cellphone was still with me. I also found myself telling God to bless the thief that took my purse. However, in the middle of it, I stopped and asked myself, do I really want the thief to be blessed, or was it just a prayer out of “what is proper”?

I reached the food court and tried to re-enact what might have happened, and tried to understand why only my purse was taken and not my cellphone (for surely, the cellphone has a monetary value of more than P150). I saw that my phone was out of sight unless you dig deeper while the purse was easier to get. And maybe, the culprit didn’t have a lot of time to scavenge lest I notice it. He grabbed whatever he could.

I wanted to tell somebody what happened. I considered telling the guard I had a chat once. But then, I found myself sending an SMS to my sister, reminding her that she’ll fetch me in about two and a half hour’s time, and told her that my purse was lost as well.

Later on, when I was alone in our cold classroom, I sat still, trying to listen in silence. There I realized that it’s not really much of a loss. I wasn’t really hungry, therefore, I didn’t need to buy the quail eggs and siomai. I need the gloves on Friday, thus giving me until tomorrow to buy a new pair. My sister will fetch me, thus I was not expecting to really spend for my fare home. I should be thankful that only my purse was lost, and not my phone (which was harder to replace), and that I didn’t really need to spend money until tomorrow morning when I leave for school again.

Our Bible Study teacher was leading the closing prayer when I prayed a different prayer. The thief came to me again, and I found myself asking God to forgive what he had done. For a split second, I had another realization: I should forgive him too. Forgiveness is the key to really be at peace with what happened. With forgiveness, I can accept wholeheartedly that the man (or woman) was just really desperate and the money will be put to good use. With forgiveness, I can be fully grateful of the whole situation.

I lost several keys, but I found one. I lost my purse, I found my character being built.



  jun-g wrote @

forgiveness is a gift from God. mahirap nga lang i-claim… hehe… but once you have it, it’s Freedom…

thanks for this post. sana mabasa ito ng nakakuha ng purse mo… hehehe…

  raalk wrote @

thanks din po. 🙂

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