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UP Carillon–A New Perspective


I went up the UP Carillon with John, Wiggy and Ted. I just happened to be at the tambuk at the right moment and at the right time. It was quite an experience.

Being up there is seeing a new perspective. One gets to see UP and it’s neighbouring areas from high up, mostly seeing the green top of the trees. The cold breeze blows on us lightly, and the setting sun was hiding behind a thick cloud, although when you look at it’s picture, the sun’s like a pathway of light.

We went there before 5pm, thus, we were right below the bells when it struck five times to signify it was already 5pm. And music played almost every ten minutes! The first time one of the bells struck 5, we were caught off guard. All four of us was sitting at the four corners of the tower, each in a contemplative silence. The bell gave us a real shock! Apparently, the bells kept surprising us for the next four times it played music. Even if we anticipated that it will ring again in about ten minutes, the silence was disturbed big time when a bell was hit. I can never get used to it.

I learned about two things:
1. Surprises: No matter how you anticipate things to happen, you can never really be ready for the first blow. When you thought that some things are already done in a routine, think again.
2. Perspective: Going high up gives us a  new perspective. Seeing things in a new way will either give us peace and serenity, or fear–because we’re afraid of “heights.”

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity. The UP Carillon sure is a good get away place.


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