A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

A writer’s kind of words

I have not written an essay, even a single paragraph to start with, for the past several months. I stopped writing because I thought I couldn’t write anything of significance, a piece with substance. A number of excuses defended me from my self for not writing.

For one, I thought, I do not have anything to say, to write, to share, because all I have are questions, and different pieces of information not woven together. My mind was a mess, so how will I be able to create a coherent essay about something?

Another self-justification is this: I thought that I wanted to retain my privacy by not sharing what I learned, my reflections, and my insights. They are MINE. In short, I was being selfish. Besides, all these pieces of information that I have at hand are from different books that others can also read. I just happen to have an opinion, or an insight to it, and I know for sure that when others read, or watch, or listen to the same materials, they would produce their own opinions and insights that are different form mine.

Lastly, I attributed my lack of writing to the mishap I had with my laptop. Since it is still in the custody of HP Customer Service Center, I do not have the means to write something. I do not like typing at my brother’s desktop computer (which I am using now) because of it’s keyboard and the poor lighting in his room.

However, thanks to Mr. Conrado de Quiros, I now realize that my excuses were lame. He wrote in His column “There’s the rub” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer today:

“It’s not true at all that sticks and stones may break your bones but words can’t. The opposite is true: More than sticks and stones, or indeed more than Manny Pacquiao’s fists, words crush bones.”

Mr. de Quiros indeed rubbed it on my face! It reminded me of why I write in the first place–because I have an opinion and I have an insight that I want to share. I have a voice through my written words, words that would last as long as it is written. Not everyone have access to the materials that I have access to. A great way to spread knowledge is by writing about it. Posting it to a website such as this ensures that others will be able to read it. Writing is my way of paying it forward.


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