A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

Asking vs. Questioning

One afternoon, as I was studying in Krispy Kreme in Robinson’s Galleria, I overheard someone differentiating asking vs. questioning. She said, one doubts when one questions. I forgot the exact things that she said, but I remembered that I was not satisfied with her explanation. So, their difference remains a big question mark in the depths of my thoughts. I tried to think about the instances when we’re asking, and when we’re questioning. Is it true that when you question, you doubt? Recently, I have a lot of questions. Does it mean I doubt completely? Questions are usually entertained in the classrooms (or elsewhere) because they signify that the student is thinking. That s/he wants to understand. But question = doubt? I don’t think it’s that simple. To ask. We ask several things. We ask a favor, a request; we ask something from someone. We even ask for questions. Thus, isn’t the act of asking these questions can simply be questioning? Then, it hit me. Their difference is actually simple, and if I may say, it’s not the element doubt. In asking, we humble ourselves whereas when questioning, we put on the shield of pride. When we ask, we acknowledge that we are incapable of, in the case of asking a question, knowing the answer. We acknowledge our weakness. On the other hand, when we question, we assume that we are right, and we cannot accept the anomaly right in front of us, that’s why we demand for an explanation. Now, I would be more careful. With all my questions hanging, I would keep in mind to ask them, and not to impose them — to ask, and not to question.


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