A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

fides quaerens intellectum

A few days ago, I braved myself and went to the Media Services section of the university’s main library. I took the courage to read through a thesis in microfilm by Dom Tomas Tejido,O.S.B. done in 1972. The short title of his thesis was “A Sketch of a Psychology of Grace.” In his thesis, he compared Freudian Psychology to the Catholic Theology of Grace, compared their similarities, and also contrasted their differences.

He had a great discussion in the id, ego and the superego, and how there is a Spiritual Identity (Meissner) in comparison to Erikson’s Personal identity (psychosocial development). I took notes of great wisdom (which I would not put here, maybe some other time when I have more time).

I was also assured by one of his concluding statements: “The work of theology requires courage because it demands an eagerness to dialogue with men engrossed with the social and unphilosophic sciences. This, of course, involves a certain amount of risk; but speaking to them and listening to them is the only way the Word of God can be made meaningful and relevant.”

Thus, St. Anselm’s theology struck me the most: “fides quaerens intellectum,” meaning, “faith seeking understanding.”

That is the path that I am taking now, to seek an understanding of my faith. Upon searching for St. Anselm in the world wide web, I found an explanation of what fides quaerens intellectum really means. From St. Augustine, “Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore seek not to understand that you may believe, but believeĀ  that you may understand.”

My prayer since then is this: “Lord, please help me to believe. Amen.”


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