A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2006: truth or Truth?

June 20

Again, in my Psych 140 class, our professor did not fail to let me think, to leave something to ponder on.
We discussed the post-modernist and the scientific view of truth. Post-modern says there are many truths, each different from person to person or groups of person to another group, because there is already an attached meaning. On the other hand, science says there is just one big truth, its somewhere out there, and it can be known. In other words, there are general principles that govern us.

Having general principles means things are simplified. Having simple principles will bind everything together. He initially gave us three big names who tried to simplify things. First, Einstein, for his work in the atom. Second, Marx, for simplifying economics. And third, Freud on the unconscious. “What’s the common thing between the three of them?” Nobody knew. I was surprised when he told us what made them similar aside from simplifying things.

“They were all Jews.” I didn’t know that, and I guess no one else in the class did. Jews, he said, have a a tradition of simplifying things. His next question was “and whose the other Jew who tried to make things simple?” I whispered (I didn’t know if he heard me, but he looked at me), “Jesus.”

“Jesus. He tried to simplify love.” Wow. I begin to be amazed by God’s power by the minute. He was using my professor to remind us of things we forget because of the complexity of everyday life. (At this point, he told us that there is a Biblical proof of this and its somewhere in Deuteronomy. It goes something like “Hear O Israel…Our God is one.”)

He also discussed about the hierarchy of the sciences, starting from the basics, down below, and up to the more complex. It has an upward flow. First was Physics and Chemistry. Second is Biology. Third comes the Social Sciences. “That’s why we can use lower animals in our research.” He also shared about the different worlds by Teilhard du Chardin, a French Jesuit scientist. In the same order, from bottom then up, inanimate, animate, mental world, spiritual world, then the Omega Point (which I barely heard what it was because I only remember hearing Jesus Christ).

Maybe we wonder, why does the arrow have to be pointed upwards, and not downwards? Well, he gave us an example. Suppose you have a watch. Then you disassembled it and placed every part in a table in front of you. Would you still have a watch? The answer is no. Why? Because it doesn’t serve its purpose. That’s it! PURPOSE. There are concepts in the upper portion that cannot be used in the things contained in the lower portion. The purpose of concepts found in the upper portion of the hierarchy will disappear if taken to the lower level. By evolution also, our growth should always be upwards, and not downwards.

But there is an exception. They called it analog experiment. They broke down the concept in the upper level so that they can use it in the lower levels. For example, the concept of self-control. Self-control is a choice between good and bad things. But, there is more to it. There is really self-control if we look at the short term and long term consequences. You have to choose between a thing with a positive short term result but has a negative long term result and a thing with a negative short term result but has a positive long term result. Self-control is choosing the second one.

Honestly, I am beginning to like my professor. I learn a lot from him because he lets me discover things (see previous entries) from the things he discuss. I believe he is hiding messages in his lectures that would really boost us in this life if we were able to discover it. Or maybe it is just me making things up but I don’t care. I know they are good because they help me fall in love with God more.
This is just a proof that no one can dictate how discovery will work. ^_^


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