A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2008: The year that was

I started this year with the theme “love and faith for 2008” for I believe that was what God told me this year was. A lot of things have happened, yes, ups and downs, and I believed that I would see (smell, hear, touch, taste, in a word–perceive) things greater than what I have and could have imagined.

I would deviate from the norm by not classifying this year as a roller coaster ride. For a roller coaster go on huge spirals, oftentimes, these spirals are symmetrical up and down. Not my 2008. I realized what this year was when I saw an old schoolmate (who was younger than me) in the hallway of CCF. He kept me company outside the main hall during the latter part of the service. One of the questions he asked me was “how’s your 2008, ate?”

I have one word to describe this year–difficult. Yes, it was a very, very difficult year, most of the time the bad times outweigh the good ones. But then, I almost immediately told him that what seems to be bad for us might not really be bad for Him. In fact, it might be (and most probably it is) His way of pruning us, me.

Before I went to St. Francis Square to attend CCF’s worship service, I attended The Feast at Valle Verde Country Club. There, I was assured that one of God’s promises was to shake us. No temporary things will remain. Victory is waiting at the end of the shaking. Victory only comes after the shaking.

That same night, I had the opportunity to attend a party at Warehouse 135 in Makati. Spirit was the event, and it was a Christian event. The House music the DJ was playing were all Gospel music. The tag line was right–nothing bug Gospel House. I never imagined I could party like that and worship God at the same time. Wow.

This year 2008 had been really very difficult for me. But at the same time, I am completely grateful for this year. Several relationships have been formed, broken and restored this year, including my relationship with my Father. Though I did not get through this year through flying colors, I think I’d rather pass through a needle’s hole and pick up a lot of lessons instead of flying and just using stocked knowledge, gaining nothing.

I’m looking forward for my 2009. I am looking forward for the changes* this coming year will bring me. Yes, I am looking forward for the changes that will come to me, more for the changes that I will be initiating.
*I believe change is constant, thus, there will always be change. However, I believe I can really look forward for major changes in 2009.


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