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understanding reconstructions in life

2006: Sleep Deprivation vs. Starvation

October 13

This afternoon, just before I eat my lunch, I was browsing out TV for good shows. I came across a sort of teaser for this show in ETC 2nd Avenue. They said that sleep deprivation will kill us faster than starvation.

On my way home from school, what I watched came into my mind. I wondered, does it work that way all the time? I wondered, will depriving ourselves of resting on God’s love spiritually kill us faster than not being nourished by His Word?

Let me illustrate my point. When we starve, we don’t eat, but we sleep. Oftentimes, we sleep in order for us not to feel hunger. On the other hand, when we deprive ourselves of sleep, we loose sleep (of course!), but we continue to eat and drink.

Likewise, when we starve for God’s Word, we just don’t hear what it was said, but we can rest in His love, assuming we already know Him. Meanwhile, when we deprive ourselves of sleep, we hear His Word but our hearts have somewhat been hardened, so we won’t be convinced and we won’t believe whatever we hear. Thus, we’ll become restless.

Hindi ba’t mas mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulug-tulugan kaysa tulog talaga? (got the connection?) Hindi ba’t mas mahirap turuan ang sarado ang isip kaysa duon sa walang alam?

Oh, I know what’s worse. Being starved and sleep deprived.


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