A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2008: SHOUT Series: being a cup

“I will take hold of your hand.” Isaiah 42:6

Contradicting? So did i think of it at first, but no, it’s not.

I’ve come to realize that we are like a cup. At times, God would be clasping us with His hands, and thus we are embraced. At other times, he will let us stand on our feet and do what we need to do, or rather, want to do. He will allow us to wander, explore, experiment. When we do, we get hurt in the process, but we learn from them.

When we were a child, the chances of us falling down is very low since the short cup, either empty or filled, will not be easily swayed. However, when we grow in age, circumstances change. There is a difference between being empty and being filled. The empty cup, when allowed to stand on our palms, would have a greater chance of falling than the filled cup. It becomes more vulnerable to falling. An empty cup could be a bit bouncier than when it is filled.

The great relief is that God always holds our hand, thus, allowing us to be able to come back to His loving embrace, to His comforting hands. He may allow us to stand, to wiggle, to slant, but never fall down below.


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