A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2007: Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord, thank you. No words can completely describe how thankful I am.

Thank you for my whole family, my ate, kuya, mommy, and most especially my daddy. Thank you for teaching me a lot of lessons with them, lessons that I cannot have possibly learned without you bringing them into my life.
Thank you for my friends, o God. Thank you for giving me real friends, people whom joys will be shared, and burdens be bored.

Thank you for crushing me, together with my idea of your promise for my family. With this, I learned how to truly hope in you, how to give my everything to you. I am very thankful for this for I believe as you put me back together, you’re just molding me to fit perfectly in that promise that you have prepared for me and my whole family.

Lord, thank you for the circumstances where you leave me with no choice but to just hold on to you, amidst all the cries of the devil, to lead me somewhere else. Thank you for holding me at that very moment, for lending me a listening ear, focused on what you are saying and not of the other.

I deeply give you my gratitude for reminding me that only from you can I find lasting comfort, which no other person can be there with me forever. Thank you for that loving embrace that you gave me when the persons I longed to be with to ease my pain have failed to show up.

Thank you for your abounding love for me. Thank you for giving me my cup, the cup of suffering, and filled it with your love, until it overflows. Thank you for loving me first, for embracing me, for never letting me go. Shall I lack of love from the people that should be giving me love, yours is always there, ever faithful.
To God, the Almighty, be the Glory, forever and ever. Amen.

“May God be blessed! He has not rejected my prayer; nor withheld his love from me.” Psalm 66:20
Wala nang iba pang masasambit ang aking puso kundi ang pasasalamat na ito.


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