A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

elem: Pollution

If you have three wishes, what would you like to wish? Something luxury? Something for your own good? If you’ll ask me, I want something for everyone, like encouraging everybody for joining charity works, make the bad people a better person, even the good. Lastly, stop pollution.
If we would not prevent pollution right away, we could suffer from lung cancer and asthma. We could also suffer from suffocation. How can we, the children, give another chance for the world if the adults doesn’t take care of it? If we could see the adutls littering? Smoking? Using leaded gasoline? Not cleaning their smoke pipe? If this is the environment, we would not be alive for so long. But we can prevent it by using unleaded gasoline instead of leaded, cleaning your smoke pipe regularly, lanting new trees, dispose garbage properly and mostly by recycling. You can make a collage of mold old newspapers into anything you like.
Be creative~ save mother earth! Learn to recycle!


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