A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2008: On trust and being silent

I have been silent in my virtual world for quite some time now. I haven’t really posted anything, nor checked anyone’s sites. By silencing myself, I chose to distance myself from the “world.” I was able to contemplate on a lot of things, things that could not be made public, or even share to my cyber social group. Now, I choose to speak up.

I am not going to describe what those long three months were. That would take forever. Nor would I describe the things that I have learned for the past months. I am here to share a thought about “trust.”

For the last couple of months that I have been silent, I always receive the remark, “thank you for trusting me.” They would normally say that after I have shared my deepest struggle. Trust is such a big word, and most of the time, we lack this virtue, we tend to be suspicious of the other’s motives. But hey, being suspicious is a learned behavior. Children trusts almost anybody. Even Christ wants us to imitate the children in their trust of another.

I think, that was how I had been, like a little child–vulnerable to several dangers. There is nothing else that I could do but to trust the people nearby to help keep me away from danger. Furthermore, I realized that as I trust the people close to me, I also am led to trust myself more.

But the greatest trust of all goes to my Dad who never ever cease to give me another chance. A trust amidst all questions; a trust that goes beyond my understanding; and a trust that my Dad will see me through my everyday battles. I just need to ask, believe, and trust.


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