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understanding reconstructions in life

2007: On Fire, Prayer, and Love

June 7
“Our worth is always tested in fire.” This is the last line from Fr. Jboy’s homily last June 5. Yes, its true. I remember the song refiner’s fire. We are the swords of the silversmith, who is Jesus. For the sword to be really ready for use in battle, the silversmith must put the sword in the fire, to remove all the impurities, so that the silversmith can see his image at the sword. We are tested in fire.

When we are tested in fire, a lot of misfortunes come our way. It is really difficult when they come, especially if we’re not ready for them. However, we must always hope in God, hold on to that promise that after being tested in fire, our impurities are gone and we are ready to be used in the battle. I am personally moved by these sentences by Fr. Jboy in his homily today, June 6: “…what matters is not whether one has misfortune or not. What matters is our relationship with God. That is why, in the resurrection, our status do not depend on human relationships (as married couples do), but on God’s.”

And I like to quote:

The book, Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2559) says, “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” Sa matinding pangangailangan, napapadasal tayo. We are brought to prayer by our cries for help. And when we pray, we raise our minds and heart to God.

“How does this happen? When we unite our minds and hearts with someone, we do this by talking to them, spending time with them, sharing our thoughts, feelings, experiences, values, dreams with them. It also entails trust and openness. The more we spend time with them, the more we communicate and work with them, the more a closer relationship develops.

“In a close relationship, we are happy just to be in the presence of that person whom we deeply love. They are the persons you want to be with in times of joy and they are the persons you want to comfort you in times of sorrow. Sometimes, you don’t have to articulate what you need — or what they need — for them to know that you need something.

“The same way with God. When we raise our hearts to Him in prayer, His heart and ours become united
that God knows our needs — even before we kneel to pray. They said that the shortest distance to heaven is between your knees and the floor.”

Isn’t that so nice? It is so heart warming to know that God is always there, God always love us, despite all the hardship that we encounter while living here on earth. Even if our relationships with different people in our lives are somewhat not so good, we are assured that it will soon be okay since God is right here beside us, embracing us, comforting us, wiping our every tear, and saying, “I’m here. Have a firm heart, trust in Me, trust in My love for you.”


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