A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2006: Magical Three

June 19
Three things struck me today. God was again speaking through my classes. Who would ever expect that you learn about Him, and you enrich your relationship with Him through Geography and Sociology classes?

The first thing has “dare” as the highlighted word. It was Geography class and my professor was discussing the syllabus to us. At the last page, there was a boxed quotation from Seneca (I am yet to discover who he/she is). It goes this way, “It’s not because they are difficult that we don’t dare, it is because we don’t dare that they are difficult.” Dare. It reminds me of Daniel. Dare to be Daniel, dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose. Dare to make it known. I also remembered one of YFC’s advocacy, 100% pure lifestyle. Its tag line is “Dare to be.”

Dictionary.com gives three meanings for the word dare. First, To have the courage required for. Second, To challenge (someone) to do something requiring boldness and lastly, To confront or oppose boldly. All of them has a prerequisite-courage to go boldly. Where do we get it from? Nobody else but God.
Right after my Geography class was my Sociology class. My professor is someone who have a high expectations to her students. She wanted her class to always participate, and of course, before we can participate, we should have read about our discussion already. She lectured for a while about UP Students as not being consistent in things that they do. For example, one would do his best to one subject but lets the other sacrifice. So there you are, the second word-“Consistency.”
One of its definitions is “Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events.” In everything, one should be consistent-that we do our best because God deserves the best.

We talked about Sociology as a science. We discussed that the human being’s instincts are being covered by learned behavior. One example is fear. Children rarely have fears because they haven’t learned about it.

So, to complete the magic formula for this day, “fear is a learned behavior.” And that’s very true! The dog has an instinct to swim once you throw it to the water. It would not have a chance to say it is afraid of the deep end part of the pool. But come a human being, once he learned how deep the pool is, he would really hesitate to go in the water, or worse, be swallowed by fear and not go in at all.

I usually compare the swimming pool to God’s love. It is available but not everyone swims in it. One reason is that we are afraid. If we let that fear consume us, we would miss our whole life because we never got to realize how awesome His love for us is. On the other hand, going in the deep end part, for example in an ocean, is a greater challenge. Fear would most probably grip one of our wrists, and stop us from seeing further beauty down there. Also, our fear would prevent the inhabitants of the deep part to see the light that we carry.

Before I go to sleep, I want to leave you these three things: dare, be consistent, and don’t let yourself to be consumed by fear-a learned behavior.


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