A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2008: Dreams

Is there such a thing as our ultimate dream? Is it different of the same as goals? Well, we have small dreams (or no dream is small?) like acting in theater, those things that it would be okay if not realised, or is it precisely that mentality that labels the dream “small?” Is a dream different from the things we want to do? The ultimate dream, could there be a real, concrete dream? Or well, clear dream, not vague nor ambiguous. How about God’s will? God’s hand planting that desire, or that dream in our hearts? How about our own will? How about that limitation that we, humans, have? that we don’t and we won’t (ever) know and understand everything, including, maybe, our dream. In the long run, maybe, we have our dreams, but in the end, the process of realising (that is, fulfilling) that dream is still the most important of all, extinguishing very smoke, extracting every juice, relishing every moment because from these things, we learn.


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