A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

elem: Dear Friend II

Hello dear friend
I’m glad that we saw each other again
To spend more time with each other
To share our secrets when it happened at the time we are separated

He dear friend
I’m also glad to saw you again
Let us do what we usually do
And make another memory to be remembered

Dear friend, we are both happy to see each other again
So, why don’t just we drink beer or liquor?
It’s a happy time so let’s enjoy it
And I will make you friends with my other friends

No dear friend! Don’t do that
Don’t you know that it’s a bad habit?
It’s not natural and can destroy our health
Physical and spiritual health

Dear friend, just be thankful that you were born
In this beautiful world that has all the needs
Don’t waste what God has given you
Just say thank you, sorry, help other people and enjoy your natural life!


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