A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2008: Crazy

Everything was a blur. A white substance enhances that blur. All around me, there was chatting and cheering. We were getting settled, they were restless. One part at a time, the surroundings darkened, signalling the start of something big.

This is it. The long wait Is over.

Loud cheers echoed inside the Big Dome. Hillsong United finally came out to start leading the thousands of people–young and old, men and women, Filipino and foreigner–into a worship fest. Crazy young Christians as the lead singer put it. Yes, everyone was crazy enough to sing, dance, raise up their hands, offer what they could, just to worship their Savior, Jesus.

Goosebumps embraced me. I was being overwhelmed by what I was witnessing. Christians from all over Metro Manila, and I mean Evangelical Christians, Born Again Christians, Catholics, and whatever domination they’re in, as in Christians, gather together to pray, to worship. We were singing one song, voicing out our praises to our One God. The whole experience was so magnificent. No, it was beyond magnificent. It was majestic. No, it was way beyond majestic. It was indescribable. I was ecstatic. Joy and peace was constantly present throughout the whole worship. It was physically exhausting, yet, fulfilling. “Crazy young Filipino Christians,” we were described. Yes, crazy. I was like an empty cup being filled, just receiving, and I received the graces with open arms. I believe the overflow will happen in the “real” world, not in seclusion like that two hours.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if I see blurred images, that in the darkness I see small round colored lights. What matters is that in the darkness, I see the colors of the small lights. What matters is what my heart was seeing. What matters is to whom my crazy little big heart is beating for. Every little beat is a signal of something big.


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