A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2003: Complete the Sentence

February 17

1. The best movie I’ve seen recently is Evelyn.
2. I’m very proud that I can maintain my grades.
3. A reward that I want to get is to have a complete and happy family.
4. A beautiful thing I once saw was a pair of shoes.
5. My favorite school subject is Mathematics.
6. One thing I do very well is writing.
7. My two favorite TV programs are Smallville and The Simpsons.
8. What seems mysterious to me is my behavior.
9. When I read for fun I like to read stories about magic (Harry Potter and W.I.T.C.H.), courtroom trials (A Time to Kill), and human behavior.
10. One of my better accomplishments has been being trusted by so many people.
11. If I had P500 I’d spend it on a book.
12. I wonder about what really happened in the past.
13. When I have free time I’d like to do my projects or read a book.
14. I know that I can overcome my fear.
15. I enjoy being in the choir with my friends.
16. Something I want to do more often is writing something.
17. If I could go anywhere, I would go to Venice or any part of Europe.
18. One of the things I like best about myself is being friendly.
19. A good thing my teacher could do for me is to extend project deadlines.
20. The question I want answered is why do you need to use that?
21. My favorite game is Table Tennis.
22. In schoolwork, my best talent is writing compositions.
23. Something I really want is a home where all the family members live in harmony.
24. What really makes me think is a behavior towards family members.
25. An important goal for me is to become a successful journalist someday.
26. I know a lot about Mathematics.
27. If I did better in school, I wish Mr. Mike would congratulate me.
28. If I could get the chance, I would try Scuba Diving.
29. Sometimes I worry about my emotions.
30. I feel satisfied when I can say what I want to say to a person.
31. I spend most of my money on food.
32. When I get older, I want to make a difference in the world.
33. Something I want to know more about is human behavior.
34. The thing I like to do with my friends is jamming as in one is playing the guitar and the rest of us singing with it.
35. I like it if my parents give me their appreciation.


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