A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2007: Candle

February 4
Babala: Hindi sa akin nanggaling ang mga nakasulat sa ibaba. Gusto ko lamang ibahagi ang natutunan ko sa homily ng isang pari. Yung iba, reflections after. Magiging sakim kasi ako kapag hindi ko siya isinulat dito at ibinahagi sa mga tao. Gayunpaman, kay Kristo ang lahat ng papuri!

As Christians, we are called to be like Christ. We are called to imitate Him in every way, and one of the things we should do is to reflect His light. We, too, should strive hard to give light to those who are in the darkness, guiding them to the path where Jesus walked.

Being like Christ doesn’t mean that it would be a bed of roses. Instead, we should also share in His sufferings. In the same way, when we become light for others, when we guide them, it is not as easy as switching on a light. It is as hard as being a candle.

Yes, you read right. I said being a light is hard like it is hard being a candle. Being a light requires a silent sacrifice. Just like the candle sacrificing its wax and wick just to give off light – silently. Just imagine the candle suffering loudly, letting us know that the wax is melting and the wick is burning. Maybe the wax would go into different directions, thus, making its life shorter. It can also extinguish the light on the candle.

The same is true with us. When we guide someone, we suffer silently. We loose time for ourselves, loose money, get hurt, become bruised. If we complain about these sufferings, we’re definitely going to block the light. In this case, the one we’re guiding not only loose his/her way, but we also loose the light. We become so consumed of ourselves that we forget what we’re here for in the first place.

Being silent about our sufferings is denying ourselves. Sharing with the suffering of Christ is taking up our crosses. Suffering silently and just reflecting His light is following Him.


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