A Quest

understanding reconstructions in life

2006: A Jesus Experience

May 28
It was Thursday morning. Almost everyone left Ate Iris’ house at 6am, but not me. I stayed at their house because I won’t be going home that morning, not yet. I need to be at the center at 9am, so I opted to stay there and do what I can do until I need to leave.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I prayed instead. After praying, I again tried to sleep, even for a few minutes. I was again unsuccessful. I was able to sleep for about 10 minutes when my someone texted me. It was the BIG SHOT caterer. I couldn’t sleep anymore so I took a bath, packed my things, then left for the center.

The house was located near SM North EDSA–a bus away to the center. When I reached the main road where the buses were, I was surprised to see the buses with standing room only. They were all filled with people that they really look like sardines from the outside. Carrying a backpack and a heavy bag with my laptop, I was not up to standing in a bus to I don’t know up to where. I decided to wait for a few more buses to arrive, hoping that there was one with enough seats for everyone. To my disappointment, there was none.

Time was ticking and I need to decide fast, or else, I’ll be late. We still need to accomplish a lot of things for Saturday’s event. With a heavy heart, I decided to climb a bus and be one of the standing passengers. I had a hard time because I was carrying two bags, both of them contained important things–laptop and the reg money. I just trusted God that He would provide for my security.

On the bus went, loading and unloading people. I was finally able to get a seat and it was a monoblock stool, usually the seat of the kunduktor. After another stop, I was able to transfer at the first row behind the driver.

Whew! This is better, I thought to myself, sitting in between two other women. The bus was still packed with passengers, the aisle full of people. Then we reached the first MRT station. To my surprise, most of the people got off the bus, even the woman at my right. The bus was no longer over loading. There were even a lot of empty seats.

We reached Cubao, and the other woman at my left got off. I was alone in the row, comfortable, all the way to Ortigas.

Then it just hit me. I realized God was speaking through that bus ride. He was telling me something. We should take risks. We may be afraid to take one or two because we don’t want to be uncomfortable. But we really have to leave our comfort zones, experience hurts and pains for a while, because a little while later, He will give us comfort. He will provide for our needs.

Who are we to decline what God is giving us? We have to accept His plan for us. It might be cloaked that we see it negatively, but who are we to decide what is best for us? Only God can do that. If He says we should go take that bus, experience difficulty, we must obey. For after that difficulty, we will only experience one thing–the joy of being embraced by His love.

“A little while and you will see me no more; and then a little while later, you will see me.” John 16:16


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